New York Honeymoon

Honeymooning in New York? Here’s What You Need to Know

New York honeymoon as a destination is an almost inspired idea. You might associate the concept of romance with cities such as Venice or Paris, but make no mistake: NYC can make for an unforgettable honeymoon. Word of warning, however – honeymooning in NYC is best suited to couples looking for an exciting and fast paced getaway. New York is filled with excellent restaurants and culturally vibrant spots, but it’s not so great for anyone looking for a honeymoon to while away long lazy days in. If you’re up to the excitement, however, there’s no place that does it better than NYC!

Get a relaxing spa treatment

Despite what was said in the introduction, New York City does have a few places for you to relax in. And well, what’s more relaxing and romantic than a couple’s spa day out? You can look up some great spas that offer couple’s massages, but our personal favorite is the Great Jones Spa. Once you’ve booked their service, you get access to their Water Lounge, complete with steam room, sauna, whirlpool and cold plunge, not to mention plush robes and free snacks! Or if you’re in the mood to splurge, you could go to The Aire. The (3 hour) salt scrub and floating experience is simply divine!

Ride a couple of carousels!

There’s something innately magical about carousels, which is why honeymooners in NYC are in luck! You could head over to the Seaglass Carousel and spend a good few hours riding it together. We especially recommend go over at night, when the lights of the carousel create an enthralling effect against the blackness of the sky! If you’ve still got a hankering for carousels after this, take a walk along the piers at Brooklyn Bridge Park and ride the carousel there. Don’t forget to share a soft serve ice cream!

Dine at romantic restaurants

The Italians do romantic dinners like no one else, and NYC is simply chockfull of glamorous Italian restaurants serving mouth watering cuisine atop candle-lit tabletops. You should definitely check out Pietro Nolita, which is an adorable Italian diner that makes for excellent Instagram photos. Oh, and we love the novelty of the cave (yeah, cave) at Peasant, where you can sip some truly fantastic wines. If Japanese food is more your speed, check out Morimoto for authentic (and delicious!) sushi.

For an absolutely romantic and intimate dinner, duck into the West Village, where restaurants like Alta welcome you in with warm décor.

Go bar hopping!

One of our favorite things about NYC is how the really happening bars don’t close until 2 am. New York is known for its chic and sexy bars – we recommend Mr. Purple for its rooftop bar and pool, not to mention the spectacular view of the city. Or head over to Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel for the best dang martini you’ve ever had. Oh, and we have to point you in the direction of Jules Bistro, which has live jazz every night to dance to. We did say New York honeymoons are happening!

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