Fun things for Families to do on a New York Tour

If you’re planning on taking the family along on a New York tour, let us congratulate you on having made an excellent choice. New York’s got everything, and we do mean everything. The busy city provides some excellent avenues to help both you and your kids enjoy themselves to their hearts’ content. Here’s a quick look at some family-friendly activities you can enjoy in NYC.

American Museum of Natural History

What other place could hold the top spot on a list like this? The American Museum of Natural History will inevitably leave your kids absolutely spellbound at the sight of a 122 foot tall dinosaur, or as they walk directly below a blue whale’s belly. It’s a must-visit on your New York family trip, especially with the updated butterfly conservatory and an upcoming insectarium. You’ll go back to be a child again as you marvel at the sights before you. The best part? The American Museum also holds sleepovers!

New York Public Library

Why are we recommending a stuffy old library, you ask? Because the New York Public Library is anything but stuffy. The children’s room should be the star of the show here, with its absolutely charming Pooh area, wallpapered with drawings of the Hundred Acre Wood, and containing a glass case filled with vintage stuffed animals belonging to Christopher Robin Milne. Oh, and the library is right next to Bryant Park, which has plenty of free and fun games and activities in the summer.

Grand Central Terminal

Train stations would normally be another boring location for the entire family to suffer through, but then again, the Grand Central Terminal is no normal train station. Start your tour in the awesome main waiting room, with its painted constellations across a sky blue ceiling. Continue by exploring the Terminal’s cool secrets, like the hidden stairways and the Whispering Gallery.

Empire State Building

A trip to the awe-inspiring Empire State Building is a quintessential part of any good New York City tour. The iconic building has been a part of NYC’s skyline for so long it’s hard to imagine the city without it. The lobby’s Art Deco design should be a particularly interesting sight, and the entirely family should love the high-speed elevators that rocket you to the observatory on the 86th floor.

Central Park

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and oh, do these particular Romans love Central Park. Local families in New York will visit the park regularly on weekends – the plethora of activities and the abundance of space means that the entire family gets to have a good old time here. Attractions that your kids are bound to love include the ice-skating rink and amusement park, as well as the carousel, Egyptian themed playground and the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre. Don’t forget to visit the zoo! It may not have the most exotic of animals, but the colorful frogs and birds (especially the eternally waddling penguins) more than make up for it!