5 Fun New York Locations Your Kids Will Love

nyc photoshoot for family at central park

Yes, navigating New York City with kids in tow can be a daunting task, of Herculean proportions, even. But that’s not to say there’s any dearth of kid-friendly locations in the city. On the contrary, there are a ton of fun New York locations for the whole family. 

Whether you’re visiting New York with the family, or you’re looking for new places to take your kids to, you’re sure to love the locations in this list.

1. Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island tours

We’ll start with a venue that’s probably on every tourist guide. But we’re placing it at the top of the list because this is a trip that any child who’s been in New York should make at least once.  Kids who are four feet or taller can climb to the top of the crown if you ask for the children’s audio tour. You should also go to Ellis Kid in the Immigration Museum to find an interactive exhibit for the children that helps them visualize what immigration was like back then.

2. SeaGlass Carousel

Located at Water St & State Street, the whimsical SeaGlass Carousel is a surefire winner with kids of all ages (and adults too!) Upping the ante on a traditional carousel, it involves visitors sitting within 30 shimmering fish gliding though 360 degrees. The pretty ride is lit up with LED lights that keep changing colors. At $5 per person, the carousel is a steal.

3. One World Observatory

The Empire State Building is usually the first choice when it comes to checking out the skyline of the city, but the One World Observatory provides a unique experience too. The Observatory boasts some of the fastest elevators in the world, and you just know your kids are going to love riding those. It’s the tallest building in NYC, and provides an incredible bird’s eye view of the city. On the 100th floor, you’ll find hi-tech screens that show you the street 1776 ft. below.

4. Imagination Playground

This is probably one of the most innovative playgrounds your kids will ever be to. Designed by master architect David Rockwell, the playground is meant to be a transforming space that allows kids to control and influence the environment around them

children can build with and knock down mats, giant foam blocks and swathes of fabric in an environment that essentially belongs to them. It encourages kids to use their imagination, and fashion the world around them. You’ll find it hard to tear your kids away from this place!

5. Children’s Museum of the Arts

Don’t let your eyes glaze past this entry! It’s true that most kids aren’t exactly enthralled by museums, but then again, most museums aren’t designed to cater to kids. The Children’s Museum of the Arts most definitely is.

Spanning 10,000 square feet, the museum is a haven of activities for kids, complete with workshops. There are also around 2000 drawings and paintings in bright colors, the majority of which were made by kids.

With these five locations, we’ve barely scratched the surface, for the city offers several amazing things that your kids (and you!) would love to explore. Have fun!