The 4 Best Broadway Shows to Attend this November

If you’re a theatre fan, New York City’s the place to be. Sure, there’s no shortage of small theatres putting on experimental shows, but more importantly, NYC is the home of Broadway, baby! Here are some of the best play you should definitely consider attending this November, because a Broadway show is an experience you carry through life!

1. Hamilton

The darling of Broadway since 2015, this musical drama infused with hip hop has won eleven Tony awards and managed to grab the Pulitzer Prize for drama since its debut. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s historical epic took the world by storm with its rollicking tale about the founding fathers. With its progressive message of diversity, inclusivity and passion, as well as resisting oppression, it remains a relevant story in this day and age. The play follows the life of Alexander Hamilton, the hitherto largely unknown first Secretary of The Treasury of the United State. A Caribbean immigrant who arrived in New Jersey in 1772 to begin his grammar school education, he would go on to become one of the most important men in America.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s unique score mixes raw hip-hop and rap with sweeping classical musical theatre, and serves as a fitting tie to the modern day. It’s a spectacle that truly deserves to be seen on the stage.

2. The Lifespan Of A Fact

Post Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has worked hard to ensure he doesn’t remain pigeonholed as the boy wizard in the minds of audiences worldwide. With The Lifespan Of A Fact, he, along with Cherry Jones and Bobby Cannavale, gives an incredible performance in a piece that looks at the nature of truth in non-fiction literature. The play is based on John D’Agata’s essay on the suicide of teenager Levi Presley in Las Vegas. Radcliffe takes on the role of Jim Fingal, a fact-checker who is assigned the task of checking D’Agata’s (played by Cannavale) essay, and who subsequently finds it has all been made up.

3. The Nutcracker

George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker is an annual New York City Ballet production that always manages to be an unforgettably enchanting experience. This glittering ballet transports you to a magical land filled with brave toy soldiers, naughty mice, dancing snowflakes, the Land of Sweets, some absolutely magnificent costumes, and a gleaming one-ton Christmas tree that seems to grow forever. It’s a production with more than its fair share of cast members, and they, along with the elaborate lighting and intricate stage elements, make for a dazzling visual display.

4. The Lion King

Another classic, Broadway’s The Lion King is based on the Disney movie and transports audiences to the Serengeti, where young Simba survives a tragedy and battles to reclaim his throne. Visually adventurous, this play uses spectacular costumes right alongside excellent puppetry to bring the animals to life on stage. And of course, the music remains stellar, with all of the Elton John and Tim Rice numbers from the movie making their way in, plus some new songs. The Lion King first opened on Broadway in 1997, and since then has been one of its most popular attractions.

So which of these 4 Broadway shows will you be watching first?