The 4 Best Pizza Places in New York City

New York City may be the hub of global cuisines, but there are some foods that are uniquely its own, like bagels, cheesecake, and of course, pizza. When it comes to excellent pizza places, NYC is frankly overrun with them. It’s likely that you’ve gotten in some loud arguments with your friends over just which pizza places are the best, and we’re here to stoke the fires of that debate! Here are our picks for best pizza places in NYC – see if you can spot any of your favorites in here.

1. Lucali

Lucali’s a marvelous place to eat in its own right, a shrine to the deity that is pizza. And oh, what pizza it is. The crust that’s just the right thickness and strikes that delicate balance between crunchy and soft, and the tomato sauce that’s mouthwateringly sweet and tangy. You can add your own toppings to this pizza if you want, but it stands proudly on its own with just cheese and basil. The margherita pie, especially, is world-famous. It’s no wonder Mark Iacono, owner of Lucali, is a favorite of such celebrities as Beyonce and Jay Z.

2. Di Fara Pizza

Dom DeMarco opened Di Fara in 1964, and has made every pie in that restaurant ever since. While it does take some time to receive your ‘za, it is well worth the wait when you get that perfect pie, covered in several different cheeses and olive oil, and with a salty and slightly crunchy crust. Those are the round pies, but if you want to step up the intensity, you’ll want to order the square pie. That’s the one that’s absolutely dripping in cheese and sauce, with a crunchy crust that tastes like it took a bath in butter. Pure bliss.

3. Corner Slice

Corner Slice comes straight from Ivan Ramen alumni, and their remarkable pizza crust is enough to place their pies on any top 10 pizza list. This perfect crust is the result of the wheat blend dough being fermented for sixty hours before it’s placed inside the oven, and we have to say, all that time pays off. The menu is a simple one – white, cheese and tomato are the only three varieties. While you can add toppings like pickled chili, sausage, garlic and sopressata, those basic varieties are perfect on their own too.

4. Ops

For a cozy little spot that gives you the best brick-over pizza, hit up Ops. The interior at this warm restaurant feels intimate, with the dim lighting, red drapery, wood ceiling and exposed brick. It’s a great place to take a date along, especially since the pizza is so darn good. You’ll find the basic margherita and marinara pies, as well as some novelty items like the Cicero, which is characterized by its plethora of onions, along with the sharp provolone, preserved tomatoes, mozzarella and oregano.

Oh, and the waiters there really know their wine, so make sure you go along with whatever wine they recommend!