The Best Bachelorette Party in New York City

Wait a minute, a bachelorette party in New York City? Aren’t New Orleans and Miami more popular options? If those are the questions you’re asking, it’s time to open your eyes to the magic of NYC when it comes to a rocking bachelorette party! New York in no way lacks for fun activities, meaning your all-girl group will be spoilt for choice during a bachelorette party! Here are some of the activities that guarantee you a splendid party in NYC.

Have a Spa Day

Planning a wedding is H-A-R-D work. That’s why a good bachelorette party is so essential – it gives you a chance to blow off some steam and actually relax before the big day! Before you start your adventures around town, you need to treat yourself to some relaxation, courtesy of a spa in the city! There’s no dearth of places that offer luxurious facials and targeted massages, but we have a soft spot for Haven Spa with its numerous treatment packages. Our advice would be to book the four hour long “Spoil Me” package – it’s the ideal one for a bachelorette party, which boasts an hour-long Swedish massage, Remedy facial therapy, Classic European Manicure and Haven Foot Renaissance. You’ll need to book well in advance, however, at least six to eight weeks before the day of the party. Other great spa places are the Ohm Spa & Lounge, the Great Jones Spa and the Spa at Mandarin Oriental.

Group Manicures

If you don’t have the time for a spa outing, have a group manicure together instead! Go to a sophisticated place like Paintbox, which offers individualized color consultations and offers some great group designs too. Or you could ditch the simple manicures and pedicures, and go to Chillhouse – a nail studio that’s also a café. Sip on a delicious latte as talented nail artists pretty up your hands and feet with some truly gorgeous mani-pedi designs.

Drag Night

What bachelorette party is complete without a night at Lucky Cheng’s or Lips? The latter, in particular, is a strong choice of venue, thanks to its bachelorette exclusive activities – there’s a specially designed three course menu, and for an additional fee, the bride gets fifteen minutes on the stage too! You’ll experience an unforgettable performance at one of the drag shows in New York City as the cross-dressing divas dance, lip sync and perform comedy routines in high heels.

Rooftop Drinks

Get a good view of the New York skyline as you sip on delicious cocktails. Refinery Rooftop is a great place for some truly legendary cocktails and an excellent bar.

Sing Karaoke

Nothing says girls’ night out quite like karaoke does! Belt out the most empowering numbers and sappiest love songs you know – it’s the right occasion for it. A good round of karaoke is the perfect way to end a night of revelries and memory-making.

Make sure you go to a friendly karaoke place that has private rooms so you can attempt to hit those high notes without worrying about public scrutiny. Our personal recommendation would be Gagopa Karaoke in Karaoke Central Koreatown.