The Top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants in New York

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, there’s no gastronomical heaven as diverse as the top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants in New York. No matter what kind of cuisine delights you, you can be sure there’s a restaurant that correspondingly specializes in it. But what places are the greatest masters of culinary luxury?

Per Se

Urban chic to the last degree, Per Se is a gorgeous space with glass walls and earthy tones, not to mention a dramatically dazzling view of Central Park. You can also ask to be taken on a tour of the high-tech, $30 million kitchen (you read that right). There are two nine-course menus to choose from, the Tasting of Vegetables and the Chef’s Menu. The items on these menus continually change, but on any given day you’re likely to find oysters, shaved white truffles and duck foie gras. There are other menu options to choose from at lunch time as well.


There’s a reverence attached to Masa in New York. It’s the Eden of sushi, although it’s a lot more common to refer to it as the Sushi Temple. You won’t find any plebian menus at this place. No, you’ll simply be placed under the care of a true sushi master and undergo as spiritual an experience as food can ever bring you. Slices of tuna and otoro will be prepared for you Omakase style with incredible finesse. Sure, the place doesn’t allow any pictures, and the prices could bring a lump to your throat. Rest assured, however, that it’s all worth it.


Daniel is considered the very last word in elegance, specializing in contemporary French cuisine. Critics love it for the excellence of the food, ambience and the top-notch service. The restaurant has a three Michelin star rating, and offers a range of varied tasting experiences.

Momofuku Ko

Oh, make no mistake; this is an exclusive one. It’s pretty difficult to get a reservation to Momofuku Ko, with diners often having to register online 10 days ahead their dinner date. However, once you get in, you’ll be one of the lucky few who’ll get to experience one of the most fantastically peculiar culinary journeys of your life. From egg yolk with caviar to deep fried apple pie, this place will tantalize your taste buds with the most creative and strange dishes. Do try the reverse wine pairing, where you first choose wine and then have the chef design your meal completely around it.


They say great food is art. And Atera is hell bent on proving that philosophy true. A miniscule but ultra fashionable space, Atera is the latest word in molecular gastronomy. The place provides a 22 course tasting menu. While this is the only option on the cards, the courses change continually. What won’t change, however, is the startling creativity of the presentation. Swordfish presented on tree bark? Fried lichen on a container made of pebbles? Meringue lobster rolls? And of course, desserts cooled by liquid nitrogen?