Daytime Activities in New York City

New York City (NYC) is a lively place. There are so many activities in New York City to enjoy, especially during the daytime. We’ve prepared a list of things you should do during the day in NYC.

Fly on a Helicopter and Enjoy the View of NYC

Helicopter tours are one of the most well- known and enjoyable activities to do in NYC, particularly for first-time visitors. It’s an extremely exciting way to see NYC’s stunning landmarks, the Hudson River and its bay. Soaring high above the NYC skyline will give you a chance to enjoy the panorama. Doing this during daytime allows you to have a better experience.

Watch an Outdoor Film at Bryant Park

During summertime, NYC has the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival – one of Manhattan’s most well-known and loved outdoor film events. You should spend an afternoon there!

Have a Picnic at Central Park

You can enjoy a picnic on the vast lawn during the daytime. Central Park is one of the most popular parks in the country, appearing in many films. You have to visit this beautiful example of landscape architecture to say you’ve fully experienced NYC. Some great landmarks include Belvedere Castle and Bethesda Fountain.

Admire Street Art in Bushwick

In NYC, street art and graffiti is extremely prevalent, making it a great attraction for artists from across the world. Bushwick is a working-class district on the northern part of Brooklyn. You can go there to admire the amazing street art. Discover NYC’s art scene by taking a walking tour, which costs as low as $20.

Visit an Outdoor Market

There are so many flea markets and simple outdoor markets in New York. These markets are open from sunrise to sunset. Head out to any of these to get some cheap supplies. We’ve listed a few for you:

  • Annex Antique Fair & Flea Market
  • The Garage
  • Our Greenmarkets
  • Noho Market
  1. Get on a Bike

To fully experience NYC, you need to take a bicycle ride around the city at least once. During the daytime, hop on your bike and tour the city on your town. Here are a few routes you can take:

  • The West Side Highway Ride: Head down on the West Side Highway to Gigino’s restaurant at Wagner Park. It is an amazing place to have some wine while watching the sunset over the Statue of Liberty.
  • Bike Lanes through Soho: It’s a whole new way to experience the neighborhood.

The Classic New York Double-Decker Bus Tour

This three hour tour is a great way to see NYC, especially if you don’t have transport. You will get a chance to see a number of different landmarks through this tour.

So next time you don’t know how to spend time during the day in NYC, try out one of these activities in New York City and you’ll have a great experience!