Where Do We Meet?

Exact location is provided with your confirmation voucher after making a reservation.

Can The Tour Be Customized?

Yes, the 2 or 3 hour photo tours can be customized. The 30 minute Brooklyn Bridge Photo Shoot can not be customized.

Can I buy a Gift Certificate?

Yes. You can buy a gift certificate here

Is the 2 or 3 hour option More of An Informative or Photographic Tour?

BOTH! Our comprehensive tours are designed to help you experience as much this amazing city as possible in a short amount of time AND provide you with beautiful color photos.

You will have an exciting orientation to New York City and a collection of photos for you to enjoy long after you return home.

What Happens In Inclement Weather?

We will try to reschedule if there is inclement weather on the day of the tour. If we are unable to reschedule, we will provide a full refund.

How Will We Get Around The City For the 2 or 3 Hour Tour Option?

Put on your walking shoes and get ready to see the city! Walking is the most authentic way to travel the Big Apple, so you will experience New York like a native.

For distances too far to walk in a short timeframe (i.e. from the Brooklyn Bridge to Times Square), your tour guide will take you via the subway. This is an excellent way to orient yourself to our public transportation system. Plus, we’ll take some great photos of you in the subway! Our subways are safe, convenient and often a lot of fun. The cost is $2.75 per person, per ride. Depending on the itinerary, we may take anywhere from 1-4 subway rides per tour.

What Are Your Payment Terms?

Payment is refundable if we need to cancel due to inclement weather and we are unable to reschedule. This would also include any flight delays in getting into NYC.
If you have any issues with the date/time you reserved  and need to reschedule, please contact us and we will make every effort to do so. 

Brooklyn Bridge Photo Shoot:

We meet at a location steps from the Brooklyn Bridge and end on the Bridge.

What Is Included In The Tour?

2 Hour Tour includes at least 75 photos (usually more)
3 Hour Tour includes at least 125 photos (usually more)
Brooklyn Bridge Photo Shoots includes dozens of images.

How Will I Receive My Photos?

A zip file and photo gallery will be emailed to you within 48 hours. Your priceless photos can then easily be downloaded, viewed and shared with friends & family.

Can I Book The Tour As A Solo Traveler?

Yes, of course. Please email us and we can send you a discount code as a solo traveler.

How Helpful Are The Guides?

Extremely. We can assist you with suggestions on dining, shopping, navigating the NYC subway and off the beaten path locations to visit during your holiday.

Any More Questions?

f you do, let us know through our contact page. We will get right back to you and update our FAQ page accordingly.

Your input is greatly appreciated.